Reporting Your Outage:

  • Call Colquitt EMC’s outage reporting line at 1-855-293-1804 to report an outage. Have your account number ready and follow the prompts.
  • Report an outage via Colquitt EMC’s free mobile app. The Colquitt EMC mobile app is available to download in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Report an outage online via Colquitt EMC’s account portal.

Our outage reporting system is not tied to our social media accounts. Please report outages via phone number or mobile app. For the latest news and information during widespread outages, please visit our social media pages at Facebook and Instagram.

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Safety Tips


Report to Colquitt EMC any potential power line hazards including:

  • Fallen power lines
    • Remember always stay away from an electric line on the ground and never touch a person or object in contact with a power line. Call Colquitt EMC immediately.
  • Sagging power lines
  • Broken or leaning power poles
  • Trees growing into the lines
  • Broken insulators
  • Sparks coming from a mainline or transformer
  • Grass fires burning near utility poles
  • Damaged or unlocked pad-mount transformers (green boxes marked “Caution: High Voltage”)


Follow these tips if you plan to purchase a power generator:

  • An improperly installed generator has the potential to kill our utility workers and your family, neighbors, livestock, or pets
  • Consult a licensed electrical contractor before installing or operating a generator
  • Ensure proper ventilation and airflow around the generator
  • Never run an electric generator inside a building, especially to an attached dwelling
  • Never remove or tamper with safety devices; they are there to protect you and your property
  • Never attempt to repair an electric generator; only qualified servicemen should perform repairs


Use electricity safely.

  • Consider any electrical line dangerous
    • Keep all objects (kites, ladders, antennas, etc.) away from power lines.
  • Don’t use electrical appliances, like radios and hair dryers near water
  • Don’t plug too many things into one outlet
  • Don’t use light bulbs that exceed fixtures' maximum wattage

Call 811

Know what’s BELOW. CALL before you dig.

For a project big or small, call 811 before:

  • Starting a home improvement job
  • Planting a tree
  • Installing a fence or deck