Once you complete the membership process and receive electric service, you become a member. The co-op difference is the member – you are Colquitt EMC’s source of power and direction.

Members agree to the policies of the cooperative as outlined in the Bylaws and Service Rules and Regulations.

Every year, members elect three directors for three-year terms. Members participate in major decisions and run the cooperative through the Board of Directors. CEMC members vote by mail with the election results presented at the annual meeting.

With Colquitt EMC you have the benefit of:

  • The largest EMC in south Georgia with some of the lowest electric rates in the state of Georgia.
  • A modernized electric distribution system providing highly reliable electric service.
  • No-cost home energy audits.

You can apply for service at any of our 6 offices during normal business hours or online. A $5 membership fee and a $20 non-refundable connect fee are required. A security deposit of $0, $200 or $400 will be determined by the credit rating of the applicant.