Michael GM comments

Letter from our General Manager

To my fellow Colquitt EMC members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and employees of Colquitt Electric Membership Corporation, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for your patience and support during Hurricane Michael.

Michael proved to be both a deadly and destructive storm for the Southeastern United States. According to weather reports, Michael is considered to be the third most powerful hurricane to impact the United States. Michael made landfall as a powerful Category 4 Hurricane. Colquitt EMC experienced the devastation of Michael as it entered Georgia on October 10, 2018. Michael proved to be among the most devastating storms that Colquitt EMC’s area has ever faced. Colquitt has 67,000 meters. In the early hours of October 11th, Colquitt had over 39,000 meters without power. By Sunday October 14th, 95% of our meters were restored.

Planning for Michael began the week before once the forecasts indicated landfall in Florida. Colquitt EMC maintains an inventory of all poles, transformers, and other materials needed for service restoration. Colquitt EMC insured that all locations were fueled with unleaded and diesel. All Colquitt EMC employees and contract employees went to work once the wind had decreased to safe levels. Colquitt EMC coordinated with Georgia EMC to assist with locating additional crews. Contractors from as far away as Tennessee assisted with power restoration. From October 11th through October 15th, our service employees worked long hours to restore power. This is difficult and dangerous work, made even worse with the fatigue of five days of storm restoration.

During the week, the outpouring of support from our communities and members was so appreciated. From food and drinks to thoughts and prayers, our employees were encouraged and uplifted in completing their work.

Power outages are very difficult to experience. Damage to private property is frustrating. I want all the members to know that Colquitt EMC’s employees worked in a safe and professional manner in restoring service. Most of our employees experienced outages and damage, but yet continued working.

We are Colquitt EMC. We are your EMC. We are your neighbors. We have but one goal that is to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Once again, thank you to the employees and members of Colquitt EMC.