Bright Ideas 2013 Recipients

Congratulation to the 2013 Bright Ideas grant recipients. There were over 50 applications recieved this year and our judges had a difficult time selecting the 6 winners from the large number of excellent applications. Funding for the grants is made possible through Georgia legislation that allows unclaimed capital credits to be used for education in the communities served by EMC’s.

TEACHER:                            Donald Morgan
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Team GREAT!
SCHOOL:                              Brooks County High School – Quitman

SUMMARY OF PROJECT: Project GREAT will help recruit females into typically male dominated fields such as Engineering through competitive robotics.  As part of the national STEM Initiative, it is one of the goals to see that each student has an equal opportunity to step out and to become one of this generation’s engineers or scientists, regardless of gender.

(L to R Dixie Lightfoot-Colquitt EMC, Christine Freeman-CTAE Director, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Donald Morgan-recipient, Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC, Dr. Elena Ponder-principal)
TEACHER:                            Amanda Arant
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Math Manipulatives and Read Alouds for New Georgia Standards
SCHOOL:                              Annie Belle Clark Primary – Tifton

SUMMARY OF PROJECT:  In order to meet the new Georgia Standards in math, teachers are required to use specific math read alouds to capture their students interest and help students relate math to real world experiences.  Teachers are also required to provide math manipulatives used in the new math tasks to students in order to sufficiently teach new math lessons.  The school currently does not have enough math read alouds or math manipulatives to effectively teach the new math standards.  This project would provide teachers with a sufficient amount of read alouds and manipulatives to use while teaching the new math tasks.  It would also give students a greater opportunity at being successful with the new tasks.

(L to R, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Amanda Arant -recipient, Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC, Stephanie Morrow-principal,)

TEACHER:                            Christi Clements
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Spark a love for Reading with Book Trailers
SCHOOL:                              Dewar Elementary – Lowndes

SUMMARY OF PROJECT: Students will use picture books or novels as well as multimedia tools to create “book trailers” for other students to enjoy.  Book trailers are like movie trailers except they are created from books and novels.  Book trailers encourage creativity and critical thinking skills.  They can spark reader’s interests in reading a new book just as movie trailers spark interests in watching new movies.  These trailers can be posted on the school website for all other students to enjoy.

(L to R Louel Marshall-assistant principal, Christi Clements-recipient, Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC, Dixie Lightfoot-Colquitt EMC, Beth DeLoach- principal)

TEACHER:                            David Marchant
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Music and Dance Enrichment Activities
SCHOOL:                               G.O. Bailey Primary School – Tifton

SUMMARY OF PROJECT: The school is adding an additional 30 minute block for flex groups or enrichment activities.  This will involve every child havening a different topic of instruction every two weeks during this 30 minutes block.  The resource and physical education teachers will provide the enrichment activities such as dance and music.  Having the dance games with the Xbox Kinect and Epson projector as well as the various interactive music games will provide a variety of activities for the children to do for enrichment.  These activities correlate to the GPS in both music an physical education for students in grades K-3.


(L to R, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, David Marchant-recipient, Rose Wilhite-principal)

TEACHER:                            Mimi Wetherington
TITLE OF PROJECT:            The New 4 R’s: Reading, Riting, Rithmetic and Robotics
SCHOOL:                               Lake Park Elementary – Lowndes

SUMMARY OF PROJECT: This project will be used to implement the new Georgia Performance Standards by providing a stimulating and engaging set of projects for students in the Early Intervention Program in 3rd and 4th grades.  The LEGO Robotics is hands-on.  Students will use their creativity to design robots while using computer skills to program their models.  They will work in collaborative groups while problem solving together ways to build and create the models.

(L to R Julie Klein-principal, Mimi Wetherington-recipient, Dixie Lightfoot-Colquitt EMC)

TEACHER:                            Curt Johnson
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Robot Revolution
SCHOOL:                              Pine Grove Middle School – Lowndes

SUMMARY OF PROJECT: The LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 classroom robotics systems are to be used with the 8th grade Engineering/Technology students.  LEGO MINDSTORMS Education sets, software, and activities are powerful tools that convert the classroom into a hands-on robotics laboratory.  The students will model real life mechanisms and use creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills to meet challenges while learning necessary science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.

(L to R Ken Overman-principal, Curt Johnson-recipient, Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Dixie Lightfoot-Colquitt EMC)