Bright Ideas 2012 Recipients

Congratulation to the 2012 Bright Ideas grant recipients. There were over 60 applications recieved this year and our judges had a difficult time selecting the 6 winners from the large number of excellent applications. Funding for the grants is made possible through Georgia legislation that allows unclaimed capital credits to be used for education in the communities served by EMC’s.

TEACHER:                Karin Brown
TITLE OF PROJECT:Know It All Book Club
SCHOOL:                  G O Bailey School – Tifton
Book Club provides students an opportunity to engage in enriching small group discussions as they examine and explore each other’s thinking about the book they have read.  Traditional book clubs tend to focus on fictional stories.  For the “Know It All Book Club”, students read literary non-fiction books on science and social studies topics relevant to their age.  Literary non-fiction is written by authors who use beautiful language, sensory details, and author’s craftsmanship to present information on a topic in interesting ways.  Students are taught how to have small group book club discussions, and they operate on their own.  They are in charge of their learning as they discuss the books.  Greater insight is achieved when several students share their thinking with each other.  The book club will deepen students’ understanding of content area topics and excite them about reading informational texts.

(L to R Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Karin Brown-Recipient, Rose Wilhite-principal)
TEACHER:                            Stephanie Peterson
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Pirates Use Better “Word Choices” and Invade 4-H
SCHOOL:                              Westside Elementary – Valdosta
The Writing Traits include word choice, conventions, ideas, voice, organization, sentence fluency, and presentation.  A library of highly accredited books that are specifically related to grade level and the specific writing trait will be designed.  It will enhance language development, reading fluency, love of reading, appreciation of authors, illustrators, and quality literature.  It will provide the finest books available right at students’ fingertips.  The 4-H program, cloverbuds club, will also be incorporated into the classroom.  This will give students a preview of 4-H and would also provide students practice using the Traits in a meaningful context.  Students will practice organizing, writing, and public speaking in a real life context with the opportunity to win recognition from peers, parents, 4-H organization and the community.  The students will meet new friends, learn about the community, and enjoy healthy competition.

(L to R Dr. Veronica Brown -Assistant principal, Joni Fox- Colquitt EMC, Stephanie Peterson-recipient, Suzanne Tanner-principal, Becky Sims-Colquitt EMC)

TEACHER:                            Melanie Merritt
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Reading With Meaning: Paying It Forward
SCHOOL:                              Pine Grove Elementary
This purpose of this project is to provide leveled reading material to students in the Early Intervention Program for all grade levels.  This material should provide “instructional” level text for students to use while being taught how to apply strategies when reading for meaning.  This project will empower students with opportunities to teach these strategies to readers in a relaxed environment under supervision.  Parents will also play a major role in implementing these reading strategies for their learner.  Parent “roll outs” will be held to discuss the appropriate questions and cues to give while helping at home.  There will be sessions when parents can come observe how these lessons are implemented in the classroom environment.

(L to R Melanie Merritt-recipient, Mickie Fisher-principal, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC)

TEACHER:                            Coby Rice
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Creative Kids Art Auction:  Innovative Thinkers + Collaborative Team Work = Creative Designs That Make a Difference
SCHOOL:                              Berrien Elementary School
The Creative Kids Art Auction is designed to promote Innovative thinking as students work together to produce artwork that can be auctioned during a silent bidding process during “Parent Night”.  Students will be allowed to work with materials common to professional craftsman/artist to make gourd art, jewelry, and baskets.

(L to R Coby Rice-recipient, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC)

TEACHER:                            Michelle Byington
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Wacky Wednesday Science
SCHOOL:                               Hahira Elementary School
Through the implementation of Wacky Wednesday Science, students will develop scientific habits of the mind by asking questions about the world around them.  The best way to understand the scientific principles is to experience them in action.  Students will make discoveries by conducting experiments which allow them to observe and communicate scientific ideas.  In addition, a strong connection will be made between the academic areas of science, language arts, and mathematics.

(L to R Michelle Byington-recipient, Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Sonya Aldridge-Colquitt EMC, Iris Mathis-principal)

TEACHER:                            Sandi Parrish
TITLE OF PROJECT:            Tools to Help Young Minds Grow
SCHOOL:                              Pine Grove Elementary
With the drought conditions, increasing water demands due to population growth and the wants/demands that has put stress on the water supply; this project will provide tools to engage students with a hands-on experience on how to conserve and recycle water by using rain barrels.  Students will be able to use the water collected to water their butterfly and other gardens around the school that will start in the 2012-2013 school year.  This project will give students the hands-on experience to recycle water that we already have around use.  The school started a recycling program last year with paper, plastic and cardboard which was a big success.  Students will be introduced to other ways to recycle by using what is already available.

(L to R Joni Fox-Colquitt EMC, Sandi Parrish-recipient, Mickie Fisher-principal)