Welcome to Colquitt Electric Membership Corporation!

What is the Co-op difference?

Colquitt EMC is a member owned electric cooperative. We are not for profit. We are organized and operated democratically. Our employees are your neighbors. We are vested in making our communities a great place to live and work. There is a real difference between Co-ops and for profit corporations. The difference is you our members.

How do Co-ops Work?



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Beware of Utility Worker Scams

Don’t fall victim to utility worker scams.  Be cautious and ask questions.  Keep in mind that Colquitt EMC employees carry photo ID cards and will present them upon request.  Our employees will not contact you and request payment over the phone.  Remember, if there’s ever a question about whether you’re dealing with a Colquitt EMC employee, contact our office at 800.342.8694 to confirm.